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By leveraging the creativity and networking of dentsu, we will expand the value and potential of anime and provide the best possible solutions for people and companies around the world.

Today, anime is a form of entertainment that transcends generations and borders and is loved by people all over the world.
However, we believe we have only touched on a small fraction of the possibilities that anime has to offer.
There are still many parts of the world that anime has yet to reach.
Even in regions where people can enjoy anime, the number of works and the variety of genres are far less compared to Japan.
Thanks to the evolution of social networking and technology, the way fans enjoy anime is expanding beyond just watching the images.
We will further expand the potential of anime around the world by leveraging the creativity, producing expertise, and global network of dentsu.
We will contribute not only to the growth of each work and IP but also to the development of the anime industry as a whole.
At the same time, we are committed to supporting our clients' business growth through anime, leveraging our accumulated experience and know-how.
Anime evokes emotion and empathy and is a powerful means of communication.
We will provide authentic promotional collaborations for our clients harnessing the power of anime to enhance their brand value, strengthen their competitiveness and maximize their performance.


In collaboration with the anime division of Dentsu Inc.'s Content Business Design Center, we are engaged in a wide range of anime-related business activities.

The main business domains are as follows.

  • Overseas Sales

    We offer licensing services, including program distribution, merchandising, and game adaptations of anime to platformers/licensees around the world.

  • Domestic Merchandising Planning/Licensing

    We provide merchandising licensing to more than 300 licensees in Japan. We also offer product planning and other services utilizing the creative capabilities of dentsu.

  • Production Services

    We offer anime planning and production services. We not only work on in-house projects but also provide consulting services for anime production for clients, including overseas companies.

  • Domestic/Overseas Promotion

    Through cooperation with our group companies, we produce integrated marketing communication from planning to execution for the optimal promotion of IP and works.

  • Broadcast/Distribution

    We engage in program distribution of anime and a variety of visual works to broadcasters and OTT platforms, as well as providing sponsorship services for TV programs.


Company Name Dentsu Anime Solutions Inc.
Headquarters Location 1-8-1, Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Capital 50 million yen
Shareholder Composition Dentsu Group Inc. 100%
Representative Sei Matsumoto
Date of Establishment July 3, 2023
Number of Employees Approximately 30 as
Line of Business Licensing and production of anime content in Japan and overseas and so forth